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Our Pioneering Volunteers

Kanchana Pradhan

Kanchana joined Innovation River Inc. in May 2015. She's the lead developer of Volunteers DB project as well as being development team coordinator.

Kanchana is an IT professional / software engineer with more than 10 years of experience. She has developed a variety of web-based solutions, e-commerce sites, content management systems and custom applications. She also worked on web-based clinical trial studies for the healthcare industry.

Prior moving to Vancouver, Canada, where she is working as a consultant, she worked in the Silicon Valley for several years.

Kanchana holds a Master's degree in Information Systems from Dakota State University, US, and a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from India.

Sonali Bose

Sonali joined Innovation River Inc. in May 2015. She's involved in Volunteers Database development project as well as being the lead developer of Time Sheet modules for Volunteers DB.

Sonali is a competent software engineer with knowledge of web development tools and technologies as well as knowledge of large scale commercial databases. She's been involved in numerous projects working on commercial scale applications both in India and the US.

Sonali holds Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science and Engineering from West Bengal University of Technology, Kolkata, INDIA. She also holds professional software engineering certifications from Sun, Oracle and Cognizant.

Sonali lives in the US and in her spare time she enjoys reading, hiking, painting and dancing

Son Ta

Son joined Innovation River Inc. in June 2015.
He's a highly qualified software engineer with a solid foundation in web technologies, RDB and mobile apps development.

Son brings strong know-how in in OOP, multi-threading, open source project integration and robust cloud based mobile apps technologies. He has developed GPS-based and mapping mobile applications for various web applications and services. He enjoys working on challenging projects and being member of dynamic team.

Son earned a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) degree from Arizona State University in 2007, and Master's Degree in Computer Science from Arizona State University in 2013

In his spare time when he's not solving complex problems, he plays video games and real sport - volleyball.

Rishabh Sanghvi

Rishabh joined Innovation River Inc. in June 2015. He is an experienced Database Administrator with matching technical and programming know-how of front-end and server based technologies.

Rishabh has worked on some challenging projects that tested his skills and knowledge in various technologies, including configuration and intelligent analysis of large data sets utilizing Hadoop clusters.

He holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Information Technology. Currently, he is working with Amazon as software developer intern in Seattle. He is also completing his Masters Degree in Software Engineering at San Jose State University, specializing Cloud Technologies.

He is passionate about his work and always keen to learn new technologies.

We know that it is important for volunteers to be appreciated for their contribution to social causes and non-profit organizations. Volunteering at Innovation River will take our volunteers on a journey of creating beautiful things and even experimental things. Along the journey our volunteers will develop enduring friendships as they interact and collaborate with other people, all the while making significant contribution to local and even global communities.

Our volunteers have opportunities to learn new skills, gain business acumen and explore their leadership potential. Volunteering with Innovation River Inc does not require extraordinary technical skills or seasoned business acumen for such can be acquired "on the job". What we are looking in our volunteers is the desire to contribute, share their know-how, desire to learn new things and boldly experiment. At Innovation River Inc. besides technical skills we also value enthusiasm, drive and the pioneering spirit of adventure. If this is you, why not contact us?

Why volunteer @ Innovation River Inc? Well... why not?

Volunteering is a pursuit of fine and honorable people; people who care for fellow human beings more than for the fleeting pleasures of life. Volunteers are the noblest of people who value things that are good and of high moral value. Many community organisations have grown thanks to the generosity of volunteers at a grass roots level and volunteers sustain many organisations.

The Innovation River Inc is a not-for-profit organization, determined to help engineers, scientists, innovators, inventors and idealists to achieve their goals and dreams to turn their ideas, innovations and inventions into a reality. Volunteer with us to get involved, interact and collaborate with some of the most interesting and diverse people in various fields of engineering, science & technology.

Even if you don't have solid technical skills you still can contribute significantly to the promotion of Innovation River Inc. Your Innovation River membership also enables you to become a member of a community force defending original inventions, innovations and ideas. Join the Innovation River, become a member.


Right now, at this early start-up stage we need some serious input from the volunteering community to make the Innovation River Inc a global open source 3i platform. If you believe in the open source ideals and have desire to advance and defend innovation, inventions and ideas for the betterment of communities around the globe, then we could use your help in many areas.

We are also looking for volunteers with the following technical skills:

  • Database developers (PHP, Alpha 5, etc.)-
  • Website development and maintenance (HTML 5, Java script, Java, Perl, etc.)-
  • Encryption experts-
  • Expert panellists and peer reviewers in various fields of science & technology-
  • Legal Eagles / Patent Attorneys (Pro Bono)-
  • Science & technology researchers, writers and bloggers-
  • Proof-readers-
  • Translators from and to English and various other languages-
  • Mentoring younger and inexperienced 3i-
  • Monitoring the www and reporting on unauthorized usage of 3i products/services.

Social Media Researchers:

We are also looking for people with proficient social media skills, who are able to research various online communities and know how to communicate with such communities to promote the Innovation River Inc.

The following list of online communities is a guide only: